Growth Groups At Peace!


Social Group

Description: Play some of your favorite board games and card games!

Facilitator(s): Ron and Ellen Haffner


Ph: (605)-391-6040

Meeting Schedule

Friday, February 25 and Friday, March 25 – Ministry Center at 6 pm

Bring a snack to share


Social Group

Description:    Hikes that will focus on areas on the Goldfield Mountains and the Superstition Wilderness Area

Facilitator(s):  Willow Luidhardt


Ph:       (602)-214-1241


February 21

When: Monday, February 21st – Meet in parking lot at 8:15 / On trail at 8:30

Where: Hackberry Springs

Difficulty level: Easy

Distance/Duration: 3.5 miles / 2-3 hours

An email with hike description and further details goes out to everyone on the Peace Hiking Group list prior to each hike. If you would like to be added to the list or have any questions, please contact Willow Luidhardt 602-214-1241 or


March 12 and 21 – Time/Location – TBD

Growth Group

Study Group

Description:    Join us for women’s Bible study and prayer with your sisters in Christ!

Facilitator(s):  Janine Kredell




Meeting Schedule

Tuesdays @ 10 AM at the Peace Ministry Center


Social Group

Description:    Men, join us for a cup of coffee and get to know some other men at Peace.

Facilitator(s):  Joseph Orr

Ph:       (612)-850-4805


Meeting Schedule – Every Saturday at 8:30 AM

Encanterra Country Club – 1035 E. Combs – Queen Creek